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The Visual Language - Carlo Benardini

The idea of division of the visual unity was born in the early Nineties to create two independent visual identities within the same work. At the beginning I performed it with some paintings that you could watch in the dark, made of a phosphorous substrate under thirty light coatings. White monochromes were crossed by white lines, lines of white light on white; in the dark you could see a kind of photographic negative, the white colour became a sparkle unfolded over the coatings. The part of the surface not covered by the coating spilled the phosphorous substrate, creating that sort of sparkling extended over the entire surface, while the white painted line didn’t beam light and became a shade on the surface. This was an independent visual reality of modular panels in succession that you could watch by natural light, as well as white and bright in the dark.

The idea of permeable space is the idea of navigable space, in which the installation can cancel the visual state, then it cancels the space physicality and then allows a person to cross a mental space. So you can permeate this space in a totally different manner from the standard one. The perceptual processing means that a person can live that space, even through darkness, in a different way. This is an area permeated by the presence of an environment of light.

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